We gaan beginnen!

Oh YES! We mogen het “officieel” bekend maken. Deze zomer openen we Jimmy Coffee in Winkelcentrum Hoog Dalem. Delicious food en coffee, geïnspireerd op Venice Beach. Binnenkort gaat de crowdfunding campagne van start. Volg ons op www.jimmycoffee.nl, Instagram of Facebook. 

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How to pick the right produce on a budget

The term “food desert” is used to refer to low-income, inner-city areas that lack traditional, full-service grocery stores. The concern is that residents of such neighborhoods — often minorities — have little choice but to buy food at convenience stores or eat at fast-food restaurants, with predictably dire health consequences.

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Sugar: friend or foe?

We know a lot about food but little about the food choices that affect the nation’s health. Researchers have begun to devise experiments to find out why we choose a chocolate bar over an apple – and whether ‘swaps’ and ‘nudges’ are effective.

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